Sunday, July 31, 2011

Texas Forever

Summertime around here is pretty awesome. We didn't get the full effect last year because Charlie was so young and we were busy training with him a lot - which I wouldn't have traded for anything! But now that he is grown goes everywhere with us, we're enjoying summer to its fullest!

We had really gud fud this weekend. It started with dinner at Bruno's - Miles had some of his favorite pork tenderloin ever, and I had a yummy & meaty meatloaf and some soupy yet really great maccies. We were greeted by three young kitties when we left the restaurant - a nice finishing touch.

On Saturday we went to Addendum in Yountville. We shared the fried chicken lunch box and orange dreamsicle ice cream. Charlie chowed on some wood chips. The chicken was well worth the hype. I didn't really know what to expect from gourmet fried chicken that's usually $50 and a steal at $16, but I do know that it made us very, very happy!! We didn't try the BBQ of the day which just means we'll have to go back next weekend! We also took Charlie to a dog park in Napa where he made best friends with a doberman, turned from a golden retriever into a black lab in the mudpool, and got to hang out with two other goldens, two huskies, two brittany spaniels, a black lab, a funny little corgi mix, and a parson russell terrier. I have never seen Charlie so muddy before! On the ride home he was so tired he looked like he'd been beat up.

Today we opted to skip the Sonoma County Fair and instead have a NFNL day! We had pizza from the weird new place that makes pizza that tastes like Round Table only way better.

Last weekend we took Charlie to our river spot and it was crowded, and he did so great like a Real Dog! He entertained everyone floating by and brought smiles to a lot of faces. He played chase-the-rock(s) with a shirtless little river kid with a mohawk.

In medical news, I had my 6-month MRI a week ago. I haven't heard anything yet and that's probably a good sign. In two months it will be my 3-year mark. Hooray!