Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Love My Cats

I love you Nutsy! So happy you are feeling spry these days!

Typical Joseph pose.

Stuff on my Douglas is always funny.

Most nights/mornings this is Douglas' favorite spot (and mine too!).

Then I discovered him here one morning. Later that morning when I brushed my teeth, he hopped back in again!

Joseph is like "Dude... wait... what? Where is the water?"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some Recent Things

We were playing table pong one morning when this dude paid us a neighborly visit!

We went to St. Louis for a few days and got to spend some awesome family time. The super cute and radical niece and nephew:

My new Cardinals gear as I approve of some Thai food:

The other day I went for allergy testing. 51 needles poked into me - that's a lot! It turns out I'm allergic to literally everything except for mites. I also have chronic sinusitis. I need some halp.

Douglas does the weirdest things. He puts his paws on the wet food plate while he's eating, sometimes right into the wet food. But then I witnessed this, which takes the cake!


Some more kitty PHOTOS:

Driving to work through the trees and grapes, NBD!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Abandoned Brick Buildings

Miles and I went with the other California Tufflis to St. Louis for a few days for Lauren's wedding. There are lots of awesome, dilapidated brick buildings in St. Louis. And a bunch of also-awesome, not dilapidated brick buildings. There are also "toasted raviolis" everywhere. We saw the Arch but didn't go in it. We saw Busch Stadium but couldn't go in it. We saw Lemp Mansion but didn't see ghosts. We frequented Jack Patrick's but only played two games of pool. The bride and her maid of honor were beautiful. It was a great trip. I wish it'd been a little warmer. It was fun spending so much time with Fred, B&K and the kids. Maybe I'll toast some raviolis tonight!