Monday, June 11, 2012

Potato Fort

A lot of patio beer-thirty has been happening in the last three months. The weather has been incredible. We've been having patio beers in so many locations: Dawn Ranch, Russian River Brewing, Stumptown, La Rosa, Underwood, Northwood, and of course on our beautiful deck. Summertime here feels so amazing. And now we have birdfeeders so we've been hanging with the Steller's Jays and the hummers. Miles had a birthday. We saw Chris Isaak (who is not dead by the way) and had dinner with Mom and Pop Franchino. I'm about to have a birthday in a couple days, yet I still get carded for looking about 19. I guess that's nicer and nicer the older I get! My parents visited and 10 feet in front of us we watched a great blue heron catch and eat a mouse. We went to a celebratory party in the city and saw friends and stayed up way too late. I went to see Hightower's last show and saw many people I have not seen in many years, including more than one ex-boyfriend. I found a new therapist. Summer makes it easier to not be anxious but my most-spoken phrase these days is "I hate going to sleep." Here is a photo of Charlie's giant black nose.

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