Monday, March 12, 2012

Your Gunshots Were Stuck On Repeat

Miles has a new job he likes very much. We went to the batting cages and left with very sore muscles. We saw Will Johnson and the New Multitudes crew at the Fillmore and ate at Tommy's Joynt. We put beautiful hardwood flooring in our downstairs room (well, I didn't really do any of it). We went to Beer Republic with the Charles. We ate at Underwood. We went to Stark's Happy Hour. I went to Baby Blues BBQ and celebrated Dan's bday and met his GF. We went to Bruno's and I cleaned my pot pie plate so well the server told me I probably couldn't get any more food off of it. I fired my new therapist. I got a root canal. I took some Vicodin. We watched Friends with Benefits (good, LOL!) and the Roommate (bad, but better than a 4%). And we looked at some pictures of Ryan Gosling's dog.

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